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We specialize in developing websites and online portfolios.

Establishing a visual identity that tells a story through photos. Developing a narrative that expresses that story through words. Curating a web presence that brings the vision, feeling and and substance, together, in one place.


Kaylee Cole - Holistic Producer 


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Kaylee Cole is a musician, holistic film and event producer, and music supervisor based in Los Angeles, California.

Born in the Skagit Valley in the state of Washington, Kaylee’s upbringing in the backwoods and clear lakes of the Pacific Northwest, combined with her professional background in the music industry (songwriting, producing, performing), have led her to lending those skills to film sets around the nation. Injecting whole food cooking, astrological and nature-based production guidance, and whole body wellness into every production, Kaylee’s holistic approach has revolutionized the energetic frequency on projects including documentary and feature films, music videos and commercial endeavors.

  • Narrative Development
  • Career History Asset Mapping
  • Brand Identity Refinement
  • Marketing Strategy

National Sports Heritage Collection 

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Since 1983, the curators of the National Sports Heritage Collection have led the effort to rescue and preserve nearly 7,500 artifacts of U.S. sports heritage.

Beginning with rugby history, the collection soon expanded to include the origin of college sports, including women's and indigenous contributions to that history. NSHC is home to rare 19th and early 20th century artifacts, books, photos, documents, postcards, art and newspapers. The majority of the collection dates within 1850-1925, with some items pre and post-dating that period.

  • Narrative Development
  • Organization of Assets
  • Short and Long-term Web Strategy
  • Instagram & Facebook 

dream hampton - Filmmaker & Writer


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dream hampton is an award-winning filmmakerwriter and organizer from Detroit.

dream hampton is a writer, award winning filmmaker, and organizer. hampton’s articles and essays have been published in more than a dozen anthologies and in The Village Voice, The Detroit News, Spin, Essence, NPR and Harper’s Bazaar. She collaborated with Shawn “Jay Z” Carter on the 2010 New York Times bestseller, “Decoded”. A 2014 Film/Theatre Kresge Fellow, hampton's film credits include: Director: "Treasure: From Tragedy to Transjustice, Mapping a Detroit Story"; Director: "Black August" (2010); Director: "I AM ALI" (2003); and Co-Producer: "Behind the Music: Notorious B.I.G." (1999, Emmy). She directed the music video “QueenS” for TheeSatisfaction which NPR named one of the most stylish music videos of 2012.

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