Interviewing & Moderating

Profound moments are born when we listen with intention.


We are mentoring, training, booking and launching the next generation of hosts and interviewers. People who represent the breadth of the world, in all of its complexity and beauty.

In addition to hosting interviews for conferences like Summit and moderating group discussions with organizations like NPR Generation Listen, brands and agencies also hire Audrey and our team of hosts to carry out in-studio interviews and voiceovers, for short films and PSAs. Recently, Red Bull hired Audrey to host the Red Bull Launch Institute at SXSW 2018. Prior, 72&Sunny hired Audrey to carry out 30+ interviews with teen girls on issues like bullying and marriage equality for Google’s “Made with Love” Valentine’s Day campaign.


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Red Bull Academies

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Red Bull Launch Institute - SXSW

For three days at SXSW 2018, Audrey hosted the Red Bull Launch Institute, an intensive training program focused on amplifying eight collegiate entrepreneurs of intersectional backgrounds by paring them with expert business mentors and exposing them to curated learning experiences.

Interview highlights:

"Couch Session: Entrepreneur Origin Stories" with Amanda Brinkman, Founder of Shrill Society; and Kate Dwyer and Penelope Gazin, Co-Founders of Witchsy

"Couch Session: Entrepreneur Origin Stories" with Jon Gottfried, Co-founder of Major League Hacking

"Overcoming systemic barriers in the way of investment" with Rachelle Samson Oribio, Founder of Samson Sagas; Matthew Kincaid, Founder of Overcoming Racism; and Sterling Smith, Founder of SandBox Commerce

"The Meow Wolf Origin Story" with Caity Kennedy, Art Director, MEOW WOLF

"Darling, you deserve to be here: The Darling Magazine Story" with Sarah Dubbeldam, Founder of Darling Media

Red Bull Amaphiko - Baltimore, MD

Interview Highlights:

"Couch Session: How to Stay Well as an Entrepreneur" with Shanti Das, Founder of Silence the Shame

"Couch Session: How to Stay Grounded and Focused as an Entrepreneur" with Tom McLeod, Founder of Omni




“Made with Code - Girls share their stories of love”

In partnership with LA-based creative agency 72&Sunny, Audrey conducted 30+ in-studio interviews with teen girls age 14-21 about love, marriage equality, politics, bullying for Google’s Made with Code Valentine’s Day campaign, Coded with Love.

The final campaign video (in which the interview responses were curated) was released by Google and has garnered 1.2M+ views to date.


National Public Radio

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NPR Generation Listen’s “Living Rooms with Friends” Series

On behalf of NPR Generation Listen , I co-hosted community conversations with six young leaders from around the country in their living rooms, surfacing timely topics such as Muslim identity, bullying, and the body as a vessel for creativity. Co-hosts included: comedian Ramy Youssef organizer Mike de la Rocha, artist Anaka Morris, dancer Sierrah Dietz, songwriter James Fauntleroy, and actor Blake Cooper Griffin.

The NPR Listening Tour

In the spring of 2015, Joanna Pawlowska and I partnered with NPR Generation Listen to take NPR on the road – visiting nine cities across the American South and convening community salon conversations with young people from local NPR member stations including, Marfa Public Radio (TX), WWNO New Orleans (LA), WJCT Jacksonville (FL), WUWF Pensacola (FL), NPR Mic Check (ATL), WFDD Wake Forest (NC), and NPR Music “Songs We Love” Show (DC).

"How Tech & Media Impact Civic Engagement" with NPR

In partnership with NPR Generation Listen, KCRW and World Economic Forum’s Los Angeles Global Shapers community, I was called upon to facilitate a salon conversation at NPR’s west coast headquarters on the impact of technology and media on millennial civic engagement. Speakers included designer Ethan Lipsitz, art curator Maceo Paisley, I AM THAT GIRL’s Emily Greener and KCRW’s Monika Scott.


Summit Conferences

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Audrey Buchanan Emcees Summit Outside Opening Plenary 2014_Photo Marshall Birnbaum.png
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Summit at Sea (International Waters)

Aboard this 2015 conference at sea – an event focused on entrepreneurship and social innovation hosted by Summit -- Audrey hosted several intimate and emotional interviews with some of the world’s most inspiring young (and wise) leaders.

Interview highlights include:

Co-Host of the Summit at Sea Opening and Closing Plenaries

"Lessons from WordPress on the Future of the 100% Distributed Workforce" with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and Audrey Buchanan

"Exile: What it Feels Like When You Can Never Go Back" with satirist Bassem Youssef, and award-winning filmmakers Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer; and Audrey Buchanan 

"Unlocking Your Heritage & Spiritual Destiny with the Daughter of Malcolm X" with Ambassador Shabazz and Audrey Buchanan

"Jam Session: A Real Conversation about Death" hosted by Audrey Buchanan

Summit Powder Mountain

Nestled in the snowy valley beneath Powder Mountain, in Eden, Utah, Audrey curated and interviewed business leaders, musicians and Olympians. All interviews took place as part of the Summit Powder Mountain retreat programming.

Interview highlights include:

"Testing and Building Your Micro-Resilience" with Paralympic bronze-medalist Bonnie St. John, the first African-American ever to win Olympic or Paralympic medals in ski racing; interviewed by Audrey Buchanan

"Architecting Trends and Culture" with Apple’s Arturo Nunez , recording artist and producer Jermaine Dupri, Sol Republic Headphones Co-Founder Seth Combs, and Metamoki CEO Jenn Garcia; moderated by Audrey Buchanan

"A Conversation with the Co-founder of Netflix" with Mitch Lowe and Audrey Buchanan

"The Journey to Becoming the CEO of Lifeway Foods" with Julie Smolyansky, who was the youngest female CEO of a publicly held firm when she took over Lifeway Foods at age 27; interviewed by Audrey Buchanan

"Ecosystem over Echo Chamber: A Real Conversation about Race" with award-winning journalist Jeff Johnson and cultural strategist and translator Dr. Tracy Ann Essoglou; moderated by Audrey Buchanan and Kenji Summers

Summit Outside (Powder Mountain) 

Likely Summit’s most unique conference over the years, Summit Outside took place atop Powder Mountain and all guests and attendees slept in tents for the duration of the event.

Interview highlights include:

Co-Host of the Summit Outside Opening and Closing Plenaries

"My First Hustle" with Jermaine Dupri and Audrey Buchanan

"Jam Session: A Real Conversation about Death" hosted by Audrey Buchanan

Summit Basecamp (Squaw Valley, CA)

In 2012, at Summit Basecamp, Summit’s conference programming really hit its stride in terms of value and substance. Around 2:00am, in the middle of the snow-kissed mountains of Squaw Valley, CA, Audrey was joined by filmmaker Tiffany Shlain , Singularity University founder Peter Diamandis and Summit co-founder Jeff Rosenthal for an open-format jam session called, “Death and Money.” This conversation paved the way for an entire new level of vulnerability and intimacy at Summit events.

Summit at Sea (International Waters)

In 2011, Summit hosted its inaugural Summit at Sea conference, convening 1,200 of the world’s top entrepreneurs, company founders, scientists, artists and athletes for a three-day experience that was truly one of its kind. At this event, Audrey curated and hosting a panel discussion "Your New Job Competition is Coding in the Lunch Line" with Globaloria founder Idit Harel, the Knight Foundation’s Jessica Goldfin.


LeWeb London


“Spaces for New Communities” - Panel Discussion

In 2013, LeWeb Founder Loic Lemur invited Summit leadership and friends to discuss what new communities looked like on and offline. Known as Europe’s premiere Internet event, LeWeb gathers 4000+ entrepreneurs, leaders, investors, bloggers and journalists. Our panel, “Spaces for New Communities,” featured Audrey Buchanan, Natalie Spilger, Ingrid Sanders, and moderator Zach Bell) and was voted “best panel of the day” by the audience.